Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Introducing THE YARN: A new podcast about books!

It's only a week until our new graphic novel SUNNY SIDE UP comes out. Here's a great way to pass the time between now and then:


THE YARN is a new podcast by those kidlit celebrities, Colby Sharp and Travis Jonker. The podcast is done "Serial"-style, with an entire season dedicated to only one story. In this case, that one story is ... our story! The story of how SUNNY SIDE UP came to be made. Colby and Travis interviewed many people involved with the book, from Jenni and me to art director Phil Falco, editor David Levithan, publisher David Saylor, colorist Lark Pien, and even graphic-novel trailblazer Raina Telgemeier, who helped make this book format possible.

Best of all, the episodes of THE YARN are being released one a day from now until the launch of SUNNY SIDE UP next week! So you can either gobble up a new episode every morning, or wait till next week and binge-listen to them all.

Check it out!

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