Saturday, December 18, 2010

Babymouse Fan Art from the Interwebs

I get lots of BABYMOUSE fan art when I go to schools, but I always forget that average folks out there are using the Internet to produce content, not just to consume it. I stumbled across some awesome BABYMOUSE online fan art recently.

First, there's the blog, Bookie Woogie. I've mentioned this family of readers/artists before. They've drawn things like this in response to reading BABYMOUSE in the past:

Babymouse and Henry singing, by Gracie

Lily's idea for a new title, "Babymouse: Pony Love"

Isaac's idea for a new title, "Babymouse: Mission to Mars"

Recently, the father (Z-Dad) decided to reveal some of his own fan art that he creates with the Z-kids:

There's also a site out there called DeviantArt, which I had often heard of but never actually checked out before. It's full of fun fan art for all kinds of things, including BABYMOUSE:


(Note Babymouse in the cartoon crowd wishing her Happy Birthday)

(That's a manga-ized Babymouse-girl in the left corner!)

(How about some awesome Babymouse crochet work?)

(This artist has created an entire gallery of re-envisioned Babymouse characters!)

And, finally, here is a macabre Whodunit VIDEO, "Mystery of felicia's Death":

The creator notes:

AUGUST 2009: when babymouse heard the news of felicia she desided to find out the mysterie will babymouse find the person who killed felicia or will she be the next victom find out on the next episode

p.s I love the books
and no wilson is not the killer
sorry about the spelling
and also the drawing Im going to make the next video better wither better drwings and better music.

It's a cliffhanger! But sadly, I fear the creator may not be finishing the tale anytime soon:

MARCH 2010: well i think it will take long since i've been using my moms laptop everything in her profile has been earased but dont worry i am going to continue when i have spare time and also wilson is not the person who killed felicia well u have to find out its not wilson because wilsons babymouse bestfriend he would never turn on her well i will start the part2

Friday, December 10, 2010


The UNSHELVED Book Club is running a cute review of BABYMOUSE: CUPCAKE TYCOON. From Gigi, Age 8 (whose profile reads, "I'm eight. I like armadillos, comics, and video games. When I grow up I want to be a zoo keeper."):

Babymouse daydreams that Wilson is a butler about to serve her cupcakes. Then she wakes up and she finds herself in the cafeteria lunch line. Then she looks for a library book in her locker. She finally finds it and then a giant hand appears and takes the book from her hands. Then she walks into the library. Its her favorite place. Babymouse needs to get a book from a really high shelf. She grabs a pipe to stop from falling but then the pipe cracks and the whole library gets flooded. And then there is a fundraiser. Everyone sells cupcakes to fix the library and replace the books.

My favorite:
I'd give it to: My dad, who says the cupcakes at University Village are too expensive. (But they’re really good). I like Cupcake Royale, too.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I spent last week in Upper Arlington, Ohio (a Columbus suburb). Buckeye country! The native Buckeyes were very kind to this Nittany Lion, though. I was welcomed to four different elementary schools in the district—Barrington, Windermere, Wickliffe, and Greensview. I was able to talk about Babymouse and Squish at each of the schools, and special treats awaited me at each one.

Barrington greeted me with a choral rendition of "This Is Babymouse." (I hope they post the video of the performance online; stay tuned.) At Windermere, I was accompanied in my presentations by ASL interpreters—who also had to, hilariously, help describe to me what some of the students wanted me to draw! Wickliffe Progressive kicked off the day with a whole-school assembly, replete with singing, "WELCOME" banners, and an opening speech by some of the kids.

And at Greensview, the principal kindly put his normal duties aside to escort me throughout the day (the librarian had an emergency and couldn't make it), including during a "meeting of the minds" luncheon with an essay-contest-winning student from each grade level.

The Upper Arlington News did a nice story on the visits:

Educators see many benefits to author-illustrator visits

Drawings hang in the Windermere Elementary School library with notes clinging off the edges that say things such as "I like Babymouse because she is funny," and "I like Babymouse because she day dreams and I do, too."

Students at Greensview and Wickliffe Progressive ask parents if they can have another copy of their favorite book so they can have it signed. They learn in class what kind of questions are appropriate to ask someone who, to them, is as famous as a movie star.

At Barrington students can barely sit still during math lesson because -- like Windermere, Greensview and Wickliffe -- they have a special guest coming to visit at any minute.

That special guest, and the reason for all the excitement, is Matt Holm, graphic artist for the popular children's book Babymouse....

Thanks, all, for the great visit!