Friday, October 8, 2010

New comic strip collection out from BABYMOUSE author Matthew Holm

Some exciting news, folks. Thanks to the wonders of the modern e-book age, I have finally been able to collect and publish my comic strip series, MARTY GRAY, as an e-book!

It's already available for Kindle from Amazon, and hopefully the iTunes iBookstore will follow suit shortly (within the month, to judge by my last experience with them).

What is it? Well, in 1997, my creative partner Jon Follett and I were running an online humor magazine called Strange Voices. MARTY GRAY was the daily comic strip feature I drew. (I didn't even know there was a thing called "webcomics" back then. Perhaps there wasn't, yet.) It's the story of an alien chef who gets stranded on Earth, and has to find his way in the world.

Marty Gray # 1

A word of warning: It's not for kids. This is not Babymouse. It wasn't drawn with kids in mind as an audience, and there are some gags that, while they would fit in fine on prime time TV sitcoms, are out-of-bounds for daily newspaper comics pages.

Marty Gray #063

Check it out! It's funny! It's cheap! ($1.99 on Kindle, $0.99 on iTunes, once they work it through their system. I would have made it $0.99 on Kindle, too, but $1.99 is Amazon's lowest price point.)

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