Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Babymouse Extravaganza" podcast at ReadWriteThink!

There is a new podcast up at ReadWriteThink. It's an episode of the series, Chatting About Books, entitled "Babymouse Extravaganza!"

It includes a discussion with some young members of podcast host Emily's after-school book club, and then an interview with me and Jenni.

... Cookies and Milk
Emily hosts an afterschool Babymouse book club. Twin sisters Giselle and Gina, fifth grader Gisselle, and fourth grader Sara read and discussed Babymouse books over several weeks. They share their favorite parts of the Babymouse books, character traits of Babymouse, and qualities that are unique to this hard-working, imaginative character.

Expert Chat
What do the author and illustrator of Babymouse think are Babymouse’s best character traits? Which one of the authors once had their Halloween candy stolen like Babymouse did in Monster Mash? What are their favorite Babymouse adventures? Find all of this out in this episode’s expert chat with Jennifer and Matt Holm, the brother-sister team who created the Babymouse series.

Check it out!

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