Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SCBWI Western Washington 2010

I had a blast at the 2010 SCBWI Western Washington Conference this weekend. Got to spend time with some old friends—Peter Brown, Suzanne Young, Johanna Wright, Laini Taylor and Jim DiBartolo (and Clementine Pie), Holly Cupala, plus the whole SCBWI crew, like Jaime Temairik, Laurie Jones, Laurie Thompson, Kim Baker, Jolie Stekly, Joni Sensel, Kevan Atteberry, Liz Mills, and on and on... plus new faces (to me, anyway ... I hardly ever leave the house, so most people are new faces to me) like Jay Asher, Mitali Perkins, Paul Rodeen, and Elizabeth Law. (Any names I forgot to drop?)

I did two sessions: Graphic Novels Two Ways (which goes into fairly technical detail about how Jenni and I create the BABYMOUSE series as well as the forthcoming SQUISH series, due out next summer) and Author Visits: Comics in the Classroom (which gives authors and illustrators some ideas about activities for author visits).

As promised to my intrepid attendees, here are PDFs of the two slideshows:

Graphic Novels Two Ways (PDF, 15MB)

Author Visits: Comics in the Classroom
(PDF, 3MB)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yes, April Fools Day has finally arrived, and with it, the perfect reading surprise for the young fool in your life: I Fooled You: Ten Stories of Tricks, Jokes and Switcheroos

Book Cover of I Fooled You

How many different ways can ten leading middle-grade authors tell a story including the line "I fooled you"? Prepare to be surprised!

An arrogant prince tries to bluff his way out of paying the bridge troll’s toll, only to find that honesty really is its own reward. Judy Moody dreams up her best-ever prank on Stink, but he finds a hilarious way to make her joke fall splat. And when a boy’s grandfather plays an elaborate trick that has the whole town laughing at him, can he use it one day to big-time advantage? Edited by acclaimed children’s author Johanna Hurwitz, this collection of stories — all woven around the phrase "I fooled you" — range from a comic graphic tale about clever chimps to thought-provoking explorations of fairness, empathy, eccentricity, and the power of imagination.

I contributed a comic story about two chimps to this anthology, called "Sam and Pam":

Sam and Pam title
Go check out my story, and all of the other tricky tales!