Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010! Time to Dream Big.

Greetings, future people! How are things in the distant year, 2010? Is food served in pill-form yet? No? Well, that's good. I'm rather fond of food. Never got the plus side of that Jetsons fantasy.

Anyhoo, to kick off 2010, fellow Portland kid litter Lisa Schroeder is launching a monthlong series called "Dream Big 2010." Guess whose essay kicks things off today? (I think mine is first because I turned it in somewhat on time.)

So go read my essay on Dreaming Big, go read all the other authors' pieces as they come out this month, don't forget to pick up BABYMOUSE BURNS RUBBER on January 12 (see how I worked that in?), and don't forget...

Keep Dreaming! Happy New Year!

(And for the love of God, don't eat food in pill form. That's just not right.)

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