Monday, January 4, 2010

BABYMOUSE BURNS RUBBER: First Review of the Year!

Came across the first review I've seen of BABYMOUSE BURNS RUBBER (which comes out next Tuesday!) over at Comics Worth Reading:

I’m late in checking out the Babymouse series, with this 12th book coming out this month. I had no idea that this girls’ adventure was so long-running or wide-ranging. The books look fun and approachable (and affordable!), with the title character having all kinds of fanciful adventures, told in pink-tinted art that looks like a school friend could have drawn it in her journal.

The narrator tries to keep Babymouse out of trouble, but her imagination leads her into mishap, as when she dreams of becoming a race car driver and decides to enter the soap box derby....

Plus, with so many books in the series, there’s at least one for everyone. The previous volume, Dragonslayer, for example, uses a fantasy metaphor to show how Babymouse learns to conquer her fear of math and become a valuable member of the mathlete team.

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