Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BABYMOUSE: DRAGONSLAYER Reviewed at Sequential Tart

Over at comics web zine Sequential Tart, there is a lovely review of BABYMOUSE: DRAGONSLAYER. Some excerpts:

Despite all the pink, Babymouse is not some prissy little girl. She dreams of adventures: quests, jousting, and dragon slaying. She may not like school or be good at everything, but she learns to use her imagination to make the best of things. And the art is wonderful. It has a childlike quality. It's always well done, but sometimes it's sketchier and sometimes more detailed. You can always tell what animals the characters are supposed to be (okay, I needed help with the jellyfish, but then I could see it).


It's a fun story that kids will love to read on their own, but it would also make a good bedtime story for parents to share with their kid. Even boys will like this adventure, so don't let the pink fool you.

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