Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adventures in online translating

Google News Alerts always brings interesting things my way. Lately it's been a spate of "How do I feed and care for a baby mouse?" newsgroup posts and cast listings for the Nutcracker (i.e., "... John Smith, Rat King; Jane Doe, Baby Mouse ..."). But I also got a crazy, translated-to-some-foreign-language-then-retranslated-to-English-stolen-blog-post of Monica Edinger's account of NCTE 2009:

This was the first convention that I 've been to since I got my Iphone and I travelled a trifle wild employing the camera for twirping intentions. For those not following me on chirrup what is incorrect with you? ( only kidding ) - here are those photos. By no intends a good overview of what I maked, but a couple of things withal.

So on Friday after the general session with Julie Andrews and her girl, I halted in to the jubilation for Lee Bennett Hopkins wads of playfulness to hear such distinguished poets as Jane Yolen, J Patrick Lewis, and Walter Dean Myers roast Lee. Sadly, I could n't rest for more of them as I desired to catch a graphical novel session happing across the hallway. I came in in clip to be component of a draw-off between Flatness Holm and Jarrett J Krosoczka. The thought was for Matte to force Dejeuner Lady and Jarrett to make Babymouse, each with an audience member training them. Goodly, I certainly ran right up to train Matte so he maked Tiffin Lady functioning in my NYC schoolroom.

Get it? "Matt" = "Matte" = ...
... Here Holds me training Lusterlessness ( with chair Joan Kindig in the background)

— Yours Truly, Lusterless in Portland

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Monica Edinger said...

Love, love, love it! Thank you so much for posting about it.