Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Matthew Holm at Portland COSTCO on Saturday, Nov. 7!

That's right, it's a big day for fans of supersized fun. (And, well, supersized packages of everything.) At 1pm this Saturday, November 7, I will be signing copies of the BABYMOUSE books at COSTCO in Portland, Ore.!

I still can hardly believe that our books are in Costco! See, I am, paradoxically, a big fan of both tiny little chains and Great Big Chains like Costco. I've been a member since the late '90s (the Costco in Long Island City was a like a little taste of the suburbs in the big city; who knew a store could be that large?! Our regular grocery store was only slightly larger than our apartment) with only a sad few years in the Hudson Valley, where, for reasons unknown, there were no Costcos. Sigh. But now, in Oregon, we have Costcos that also sell wine! Nothing better than picking up a bottle of Veuve (at a deep discount!) to go with your barrel of pretzel sticks. (Yes, we have done this.)

Anyhoo, come on out and see me! Get some BABYMOUSE books! Get an autograph! Get a gallon jar of mayonnaise or a 1000-ct bottle of ibuprofen!

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