Monday, November 2, 2009

Catch-up time!

I've been traveling, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, resting up from a brush with a virus, and working like mad on the next BABYMOUSE book, so I haven't had a chance to blog in just about forever.

For starters, here are some snapshots from the fantastic school visit I had last Wednesday at Princess Anne Elementary in Virginia Beach:

A lovely display to welcome me. Check out the dragon reading DRAGONSLAYER! (It always pays to read up on the competition.)

A book or two for me to sign. (The feeling came back in my hand earlier today.)

Then the school's environmental club (rats ... I forget the exact name of the club; may have been a "Green" club or an "Eco" club) came up with these awesome ideas for a future BABYMOUSE title: BABYMOUSE GOES GREEN! Most of them involved Babymouse recycling and/or picking up litter. I pressed them on details of the plot, but they weren't sure. I suggested maybe Babymouse realizes how much waste all those paper cupcake wrappers are creating, and works to reduce her footprint! (But, at least they're biodegradable!)

Tons of ideas.

Here's a nice rendering of the cover.

My absolute favorite drawing of Babymouse.

The club members tearing around the library, trying to tell me which ideas were theirs.

They also got some nice goodie bags (in addition to getting out of class to come talk to me).

An awesome, jam-packed day, with lots of presentations, a pizza lunch combined with Q&A from some lucky kids, and even a surprise drop-in visit by one of the art classes from the middle school across the street! Thanks, everybody!

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Unknown said...

Your visit was better than 100 cupcakes! Thanks for your energy and flexibility....but most of all sharing your talent with us! The kids are still talking about it, and we can't keep the books on the shelves!