Friday, September 11, 2009

The nicest fan letter ever ...

My sister received the following fan letter from a young Indian gentleman today:

My Dear Madam,

With due respect and humble submission, I beg to draw your kind attention that this is one of my countless attempts to reach you, and needless to say once again that I am an ardent admirer of yours. In fact, I am growing accustomed to your books.

But now, it seems to me that you have decided,not to reply my letters of deep admiration, as this is one of my countless attempts to reach you. Please tell me, is it good to break the heart, you are ruling?It's a pity! it's a pity! that I am still writing to you. In fact, you are my source of inspiration. That is why, I use to write to time and again despite your apathy towards me. Upon my words, you are absolutely unique and beyond compare. And you are my ideal of a perfect personality.

Therefore, I'll be grateful to you, if you please take the trouble of sending me your much awaited and cherished autographed photograph, for memento. Because when I'll grow too old to dream, I'll have this memento of yours, to remember. Please take a very good care of yourself.

With high regards

S.K.[name removed]

Sanjay Kumar [name removed]
[Address Removed]
West Bengal

Wow. Now THAT's how you write a fan letter!

So, here you go, Sanjay:

PS--Alas, we are not his only love.

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