Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Interview with BABYMOUSE's creators at Graphic Novel Reporter

Jenni and I recently did an interview with Graphic Novel Reporter, which they published as "The Mouse Roars." Some highlights:

Did you read comics growing up?
Like crazy! We were more of a “strip” house, though. Major influences were Prince Valiant and Flash Gordon (our dad had the bound collected editions), Peanuts, B.C., Wizard of Id (courtesy of our eldest brother), and later Bloom County, and, of course, Calvin & Hobbes. Jenni had a brief Cathy phase, which she regrets, and Matt went through both a Ziggy and Garfield period.

Does any sibling rivalry ever rear its head?
Nah, because Jenni always gets her way (she’s older).

How did Babymouse come about?
Jenni was pretty unimpressed with most of the female characters that were in comics when she was a kid. So, we were both living in New York City and she had a bad day, and this image of an irritated little mouse popped into her head. She scribbled it onto a napkin and gave it to Matt. And—voila!—Babymouse was born. And then Matt promptly lost the napkin (way to go, dude).

You’re now on your eleventh Babymouse book. How long do you see the series continuing?
As long as Matt can keep drawing! When his hand falls off, it’ll be hard to keep up the same schedule.

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