Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Babymouse: DRAGONSLAYER book release fans!

Nance over at the blog Wash Your Hands Afterwards recounts her daughter's very first day-of-book-release-book-purchase:

... Princess Sparkley enjoys these Babymouse graphic novels by Jennifer and Matthew Holm. For her birthday, one of her grandma's sent her a check. She decided to order this t-shirt she's wearing below from Cafe Press and buy the newest Babymouse book (since she'd already read the rest). We had to wait until today to get the book because today was it's release date. And Borders didn't have it. But it turned out they did. There was no party at midnight last night. No lines of hyperactive little girls. It wasn't on disply as a new release. They checked the store inventory and saw that yes, they were supposed to have it, so they went in back and found it for us. Nothing exciting, but she got her book.

When we arrived home Jed congratulated her on getting her first book on its release date. Can you tell we're bookworms over here? She's already read it. Probably twice.

Whew! Now THAT's an adventure in book-buying!

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