Monday, May 25, 2009

Bridget Zinn Auction: Overlooked Gems #4

The response to our appeal to help librarian and YA author Bridget Zinn has been truly outstanding. But there are still a few gems on the auction block that have not received the attention they deserve! I'll be spotlighting a few in the run-up to the auction's completion on May 30.

Overlooked Gem #4:

David Macinnis Gills donated his recently released audiobook, Soul Enchilada, narrated by Michelle Carmen.


“Girl meets boy at a car wash.
“Dog,” she says.
“Dude,” he says.
And probably this would have been a sweet teen romance. . . .
If Beals hadn’t been sitting next to her in the car.
If Beals hadn’t been a supernatural repo man looking to repossess her car.
And to possess her.

David Macinnis Gill delivers the whole enchilada. With a side of soul”…from David Macinnis Gills website.

Value: $25

1 comment:

David Macinnis Gill said...

This is a great cause, so I’d like to spice up the pot: If the winning bid passes $50, I’ll throw in a signed copy of Soul Enchilada in addition to the audiobook.

I've posted the same offer on my blog.

David Macinnis Gill