Friday, May 22, 2009

Bridget Zinn Auction: Overlooked Gems #1

The response to our appeal to help librarian and YA author Bridget Zinn has been truly outstanding. But there are still a few gems on the auction block that have not received the attention they deserve! I'll be spotlighting a few in the run-up to the auction's completion on May 30.

Overlooked Gem #1:

Susan Berger has donated the following books and service:

Jamie’s Dream by Susan J Berger and Christopher Corbin, Illustrated (beautifully) by Kim Sponaugle


Jamie had the best dream last night. Now he wants to buy it for his mom. Jamie is having a great day. He has French toast for breakfast, gets a gold star in spelling, wishes on a puffball, meets a unicorn, finds DreamsRUs and buys his mom a dream. Suggested age 4-7

Earthquake By Susan J Berger. Illustrated by Eugene Ruble Published April 2009. Honorable mention in the Green Book Festival


The purpose of the book is to give a simple explanation of an earthquake. What causes them? Can we predict them? How do we prepare for them? What to do during an earthquake. What happens after a big earthquake? The book has lots of factoids and great emergency lists. Suggested age 6-10

I will be happy to do a critique for the first 20 pages of your manuscript.

Value: $100.00

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