Friday, May 1, 2009

Benefit auction for kidlit blogger Bridget Zinn


Fellow Kidlit Blogger, Librarian, and Author Bridget Zinn needs your help!

Aw ... isn't she cute? Of course she is.

Bridget was recently diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. She explains the whole thing here.

She and her new husband (though longtime beau) Barrett Dowell only recently moved to Portland, and Bridget—who has landed a sweet literary agent and is revising her first YA manuscript with him—is between library jobs, on that between-library-jobs-OK-but-not-great-variety-of-health-insurance. Plus, if you hadn't been paying attention, all her medical expenses just went way up. (It's times like these that those 80%/20% notices in your insurance statement, or the parts about annual and lifetime maximums, or anything that says "out of pocket" takes on a whole new reality.)

SO, though she and Barrett may be new to Portland, they are not without friends.

Remember this? Of course you do. I'm lookin' at YOU, back there in the third row...

That's right—they have us! After the 2008 Portland Kidlit Conference, all of us Stumptown/Bridge City/Rip City/Insert-yet-another-nickname-for-Portland-that-no-one-outside-of-Multnomah-County-has-ever-heard-of children's literature types woke up and realized we had a community here! So we're helping all we can, but the great thing about this newfangled age of wires and tubes is that YOU can help, too, wherever you are!

So, if your face is in the group photo from last summer's Kidlit Conference, if you're a member of SCBWI, if you're a librarian, if you're a children's author or illustrator who knows all too well the sting of inadequate health insurance for the self-employed ...

It's easy. Go to the auction site linked to above. See which of the fabulous item(s), lovingly donated by members of the kidlit community, you want/need/must have. Each item is in its own post. To bid, simply write your bid in the comments section for that item. Simple!

Oh—you're saying to yourself, "This will all be some cheesy junk that no one would want." Really? How monstrous. Get a load of this, you sad, sad, cynical person, you:

Yeah, that's right. You heard me.

That's from the auction item, "Three Night Guesthouse Stay with Breakfast" in Torrey, Utah, just outside Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Just try turning your nose up at that!

Anyway, check out the auction items; there will be more coming on-line over the next few days. Bidding starts ASAP, and ends May 29. Oh, and if you have something fabulous YOU can donate, please e-mail Jone MacCulloch.

Conveniently, May 29 is also the date for Phase 2 of our evil scheme to help a friend and colleague in need: A LIVE auction at Portland's Lucky Lab Brewery, with many more outstanding items up for bid (though, generally, items that are not so easily transported outside of the Portland Metro Region). Stay tuned for more details!

Did I forget to mention GO BID RIGHT NOW?

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NIce I blogged about her too - glad to see the word is spreading :)