Tuesday, May 26, 2009

At Author Visits, always be prepared...

... even for tornadoes!

Babymouse in Tornado (or is that "Tomato"?) Season

On a dark and stormy night a week and a half ago, children and parents gathered in a spacious room at the Champaign Public Library, giddy with excitement over meeting beloved author Jennifer Holm, co-creator (along with her brother Matt Holm) of the Babymouse graphic novels for children. While the rest of Chambana took shelter from tornadoes in basements and bathtubs, Jennifer regaled us with tales from her childhood, growing up with four brothers and no sisters in the 1970's (I can relate!). She engaged the kids in the audience with Babymouse drawing contests, a Babymouse song, a phone call to her brother (during which he was put on speaker/microphone), a photo tour of a "typical" (Babymouse's favorite sarcastic expression) day in the author's life, and book signing. It was a fantastic introduction to an author's talk for Molly--and me!

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