Friday, April 10, 2009

Pennsylvania School Visits

I had a couple of great school visits in Pennsylvania this past week. First I was at Conemaugh Township Elementary near Johnstown, where my appearance had such an impact that we made the front page of the paper!

"Author Day exposes kids to story behind children’s novels"

They sent me home with a basket full of native goodies, including some gobs. Yum!

I also visited Spring Ridge Elementary, just outside of Reading, where we had a grand old time. I especially enjoyed giving the PM Kindergarten class a condensed version of my presentation (since they missed the morning presentation). They were a great audience.

I need to see if Ms. Kimmel, the librarian, has any photos of the kids' artwork. Many of the paintings are quite bold and graphic (I mean that in the artistic sense, not the lurid sense). Maybe she can send me some.

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TKIMMEL said...

Hi Matt,

Do you listen to Kids Place Live on Sirius/XM? There's a Jenny Lewis song on there called "Barking at the Moon"----after your visit to our school, my daughter revised the song. The original lyric was..."There ain't no home like the one you got, 'cuz that home belongs to you." Now, she screams out..."There ain't no home like the one I got, 'cuz MATT HOLM belongs to me!!!" You made a lasting impact, you see. The students are still clamoring for all things Babymouse. We'll be pre-ordering #11 & #12 for the library!