Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Babymouse: Rock Star reviewed at Farmer Chords

Blogger Correne gave a nice review of Babymouse: Rock Star at her blog, Farmer Chords:

I first heard about the Babymouse series from a 2nd grader I used to tutor. He was really excited about them because he was able to read them and I think he felt an accomplishment because of their length.

...The things I liked about the book is that it's definitely a breezy read. Most words are repeated and the story is not too complicated so I wasn't overwhelmed with word boxes. Another thing I liked was the humor. Jennifer and Matthew Holm draw on a number of stories (The Wizard of Oz, The Pied Piper) and realistic experiences (riding the disgusting, death trap of a school bus) to tell Babymouses tail which often jumps back and forth between the real present and her daydreams. The third thing I kind of liked was the art work. The illustrations are in black and white with pink accents. The one drawback I found was that even though the plot wasn't super complicated, there always seemed to be a lot going on and sometimes I found myself having to reread sections to remember which universe we were in.

I love seeing more and more kidlit bloggers out there, but it always begs the question ... who ARE you people? I think we all need to take a look at our blogs and double-check that we've actually explained who we are (parent? author? librarian? grad student?) and why we're into children's books in the first place. It gives our news and reviews a bit more context.

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