Thursday, November 6, 2008

Resources for students who are interested in getting into the comics business

So, I just did a presentation today at a school in East Islip, Long Island. But it was for Middle and High School students, not my usual audience of elementary school kids (or librarians). I talked a great deal more about the broader comics field, and discussed how one gets into it.

The short answer: There's no magic bullet. This isn't like trying to become an MD or a CPA. It's sort of like achieving Buddhahood. Everyone's path is different. (Except Buddhas get a lot more sleep than cartoonists, I think. Pay's about the same.)

At any rate, though, there are schools out there that have begun to cater to the profession. Here are some quick links for students (middle and high-school) who are interested in pursuing a career in comics.

College-level instruction in Comics, Cartooning, and Graphic Novels:

(Many more links at

Information about life as a gag cartoonist:
Mike Lynch (1)
Mike Lynch (2)

Information about editorial cartooning:
Association of American Editorial Cartoonists

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