Thursday, October 30, 2008

Camp Babymouse reviewed by Oz and Ends

Oz and Ends' J.L. Bell is still getting around to reading the 2007 Cybils Nominees! Such diligence! Here's his take on Camp Babymouse:

The fun in the Babymouse books is the trouble she gets into along the way, and for me the real fun is her reactions to that trouble. ("Typical!" is a, well, typical response.) You can't take these stories too seriously, a feeling helped by the fact that the drawings seem to have been done with a couple of Sharpies.
True dat. One Fine Point, one Ultra Fine Point. (Well, the sketches, anyway ... re-done in Photoshop to approximate the look of Sharpies.)

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J. L. Bell said...

I read Camp Babymouse months ago, as a Cybils judge. But I'm only now getting around to my long-planned posting on it. Which allowed me to pass on my review copy to a first-grader who loves pink and might become a fan.

Thanks for the confirmation/info on the drawing tools!