Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Steal this book? How big of a problem is this for libraries?

The post on Babymouse in the Auckland City Libraries made me think of something else:

Stolen library books.

A number of the ACL copies were listed as "MISSING." Presumed stolen? It reminded me of a story my sister related to me not too long ago. She was speaking with a children's librarian, and Jenni mentioned that the Babymouse books were also available in a durable, hardcover, Gibraltar Library Binding. She assumed, naturally, that librarians would be interested in buying books that were likely to survive years of repeated use and abuse.

But the librarian replied, "Oh, no—we only buy the paperbacks."

"Why?" Jenni asked.

"Because people always steal your books, and paperbacks are cheaper to replace."

Flattering to us, of course, but I wonder, librarians—is this a serious problem at all libraries? Is it worse for Children's departments?

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Rebecca Hickman said...

We have hardcover AND paperback covers of your books in our library. I haven't noticed much book theft at all.