Sunday, September 28, 2008

Portland Kidlit Blogger Conference: Postgame

Well, that was a rousing day. Here's a quick rundown on the highlights of the 2008 Portland Kidlitosphere Conference as I saw them:

Airport Sheraton: Much nicer interior than the exterior implies; easy to get to; terrible climate control. Look at photos of us throughout the day (I took none; others took hundreds; see how that balances out?), which range from jackets and parkas in the morning to mopping our fevered brows with icewater in the afternoon.

Learned some things about Podcasting and Social Networking that will actually be of more use to me in my Web Design business than in my kidlit life. Thanks, Mark and Greg!

Our table won a LOT of raffle prizes at dinner, and then at the Readergirlz after-party. Ahem. There might have been some ... mixed ... feelings from some of the other tables over that. I'm expecting I'll be able to link to one of Fuse's photos of my loot in the next day or so. Unfortunately, I have to finish drawing Babymouse #11 before I can read any of the books I won.

[UPDATE: The photo is here.]

PORTLAND Kidlit Drink Night! That's right, New York—you're not the only ones who can have a semi-regular get-together! Laini Taylor rounded up contact info. on all of us local yokels, so expect there to be fun, frolic, and socializin' in the not-too-distant future!

Speaking more of conference organizer and Portland local Laini Taylor, I must here confess something I confided to Laini and Fuse yesterday ... until yesterday morning, I had always thought Laini's book was called DREADmark, not DREAMdark. Lordy lordy.

Also, Laini and husband Jim recommended some excellent local Indian food, which we will try in due time. They were stumped as to good local Chinese food, though, as has been everyone I've yet encountered in Portland. Anyone??

Sock puppets. Look to everyone else's blogs for much more on that.

We collided with another conference, one which was involved in some sort of alternative-health-multilevel-marketing-scheme: "Tunguska" herbal mouth sprays, which do everything from pep you up to make you fall asleep within five minutes. (Rather than "Binaca", I suggested "Bi-knockout" as a name.) I couldn't even make up all of the crap associated with this. Just follow the link. ("Adaptogens?") Also discovered that, with reference to "Tunguska," (a) I was the only one who knew of the 1908 Tunguska Event (the curse of deep knowledge of useless fields, like the UFO world) and (b) out of 7 or 8 kidlitters and their spouses, only Laini had read The Golden Compass (which references "Tunguska"—the region, I believe, not the impact there).

I had some rousing success raising donations for Books for Africa. Thanks to all of you! Details on the final numbers and all else related to that will follow in a separate post.

Next year in Jerusalem! Oops, wrong event. I mean DC. Washington, DC. I'll see what I can do about getting myself out that way.

Oh, and one more thing:



Suzanne Young said...

hahaha. How the heck did you remember the name of the spray? Omg. Did you buy some??? And you didn't share!!! Oh... you must have the bought the "lucky" spray.

Nice meeting you guys!!!!!!


Cuppa Jolie said...

Chuck Van Pelt! Hah! I think that will be an exclaimed expression for much time to come. We even shouted it out in the car on the way back to Seattle.

So great to meet you, Matt! I just shared BABYMOUSE MONSTER MASH with my two girlies, who were so excited to see it pulled from my suitcase. Especially my eight-year-old, artist girlie who has already been devouring the details.

We'll always share the memory of the Woo Hoo table (as Suzanne called it in her post).

Greg Pincus said...

You're welcome. But I'm the big winner here cuz I also came home with a signed Babymouse book!!!! Rockin!

Unknown said...

So disappointed I missed it, especially given that I got my undergrad in would have been great to be in Portland!

D.C. next year? Really? YES! For us East Coasters anyway... How could you not come out this way and visit the ol' Queens stomping grounds?

Lorie Ann Grover said...

What a blast getting to know Jennifer's awesome brother! Woot!

Laini Taylor said...

Hey Matt! We were stoked to meet you and Cyndi and can't wait to get together some time and hang out. Maybe one of the upcoming debates? So glad you came to the conference, and see you soon!

P.S. forgot ALL about that mouth spray and didn't mention it in my posts!

P.P.S. For some reason, your blog crashes Safari on my computer EVERY TIME. I had to open up Firefox to be able to get here!

Kim Baker said...

Chuck Van Pelt!

It was great to meet you guys. What a weekend!

Matt Holm said...

"P.P.S. For some reason, your blog crashes Safari on my computer EVERY TIME. I had to open up Firefox to be able to get here!"

Laini--that's so weird! Your blog keeps crashing my computer in Firefox!

Unknown said...

Chuck Van Pelt!!!!

Laini and Jim make it nearly unbearable to NOT be in Portland, but meeting you and Cyndi seals the deal. I will be coming down to Portland for your KidLit Drink Night if you'll have me just to see you all again. That and to bask in Chuck Van Pelt's Vanpeltiness.

rathacat said...

Hi Matt,

Got a copy of Babymouse Monster Mash and read it while decompressing from the conference. Great fun! Thanks,

Clare Bell
The Scratching Log

holly cupala said...

Great to be at the Woo Hoo table with you - I guess I came at the right time for some loot.

fusenumber8 said...

The loot is posted!

Sarah Stevenson said...

Herbal mouth sprays, eh? I managed to miss that.

It was fun meeting you--thanks for the autographed Babymouse!

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