Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One More Kidlit Blogger Conference Post: A Special Babymouse: Monster Mash Door Prize!

I totally forgot to mention this yesterday. I created a special Babymouse: Monster Mash gift for the door prizes at the 2008 Portland Kidlitosphere Bloggers Conference.

The prize was a poster ... a poster of which only two others exist in the world—one belongs to my sister, and one hangs in my office (below). It's the rejected cover of Babymouse: Monster Mash:

(Note that it wasn't rejected for the reason you might think—scariness and general zombiehood—but rather because people feared that Babymouse wouldn't be immediately recognizable as Babymouse since she's wearing a suit. And, to be fair, she's not smiling as she is on every single other Babymouse cover.)

Adrienne Furness was the winner!

She picked a plain brown poster tube out of the pile of prize goodies, without any notion as to what was inside. Brave girl! Congrats!


Rebecca Hickman said...

Sounds like a great conference!

Anonymous said...

I'm framing that poster and putting it straight up on the wall. Just in time for Halloween and everything. Thanks for donating it--it was a crazy-good prize for my $1 raffle ticket.

Kimbra Kasch said...

It was nice meeting you - on the way to the car. My son and I popped over to check out your blog. He has an online comic he's just starting.

Plus, I loved Buffy too!!!

Deb Cushman said...

What a great prize! It must have been gone by the time anyone at our table finally won a prize :-)