Monday, September 29, 2008

More fall-out from the DC/Minx collapse

Looks like some people are on fire about what they think the comics bigwigs are going to conclude from the failure of Minx comics.

Yes, Minx, DC’s line of realistic fiction comics for young girls that held interest to only a small sliver of young girls that had no reason to access the direct market that it was sold on in the first place, predictably failed and its going to be chalked up as an argument against marketing comics to women.

Because heaven forbid they–as Katherine Keller suggests–actually produce the sort of YA fiction that appeals to tween girls–fantasy.

... Heaven forbid they consider that their assumptions about young girls who read manga may be wrong, that maybe they should actually crack a [@!#$] manga and see what sort of story is told rather than just pump out the after-school-special [@!#$] they think girls like to read and assume everyone with girl parts and the ability to read English will flock to it.

And heaven forbid they look at this failure and compare it to the relative successes of series like Courtney Crumrin and think of what they could do to capture that audience rather than write off an entire age demographic and gender as out of reach.

But we all know they won’t do that. We all know what’s going to happen. Just as sure as my coworker will assume the lack of a scrunchy on my car’s gearshift is due to his mentioning it rather than my personal hair habits, there are people who will assume the failure of Minx is due to a disinterest in comics that results from the pairing of two X chromosomes rather than poor marketing or a poor product.

Yowzers. Sounds like her thesis is that the quality of the Minx comics was also a factor in the failure. I couldn't say—I still haven't read the Plain Janes et al, so I can't comment on that aspect . (There're only so many hours in the day, you know.)

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