Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Babymouse is big in ... New Zealand?

Google Alerts occasionally brings me Babymouse listings from various libraries. I don't usually follow them up, because there's usually not much more to glean from the pages than the fact that, yes, a certain library has a certain book.

But when I followed a link to Monster Mash on the Auckland (New Zealand) City Libraries site, and then checked the pages for the rest of the Babymouse books, I saw that nearly all of the copies are checked out! It looks like they have 7 copies of each book, so that's 63 altogether for the series. I see that one copy of Beach Babe is available, and one copy of Rock Star. (Another copy of Rock Star is listed as "MENDING." I envision a book in body cast and traction, for some reason.)

So, to the 60 readers in Auckland (and the many others who have placed holds on the books!), you have my thanks. Maybe someday (say, should my wife ever decide to work a winery harvest in NZ) we'll have a book tour there.

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