Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quick recap of Jennifer Holm at BYU symposium

Jenni was in Utah this weekend for the 21st BYU Symposium of Books for Young Readers. The diligent blogger SherMeree wrote a recap of all of the speakers' presentations:

Jennifer Holm (in her pink dress and mouse ears) gave credit (or blame) for the inspiration of a couple of her stories to her mother. Her mother and grandmother gave Ms. Holm the idea for Penny from Heaven (one of my favorite books.) Her mother is a pack rat and has kept tons of stuff in her basement that inspired the Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf: A Year Told through Stuff. The new Baby Mouse is orange for Halloween. And I loved the pink bike her husband gave her. She told us that her husband loves it when she researches materials for her books, because one of the things she likes to do is try out the food from the region, country or time period her book is placed in. She tried out some dishes from the historical Boston Jane series. She thought her attempt was disgusting, but her husband chowed it down. She wanted to try out of the Italian dishes from her Italian side of her family (read Penny From Heaven), but her aunts don't share well, let alone write anything down.
Sigh. Those pesky, old-school Italian aunts of ours!

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