Monday, July 28, 2008

Babymouse at Media Macaroni

Just came across a 3-week-old post at Media Macaroni, in which the author describes her first impressions of reading Babymouse:

Babymouse, My New Hero

On out last trip to the library, an 8-year-old took it upon herself to find books that Olive and I might enjoy. She recommended her very favorite series, Babymouse, a line of graphic novels by brother-sister creators Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm. The books looked pretty appealing, so I took a couple home.

As I was part way through the first book, Babymouse: Queen of the World, some hairs on the back of my feminist mommy neck began to stand on end. Babymouse envied the popular girl at school, Felicia Furrypaws, and would do anything to get invited to her party. Same old story, right? Then Babymouse starts having these imaginary episodes - battling a giant squid, commanding a spacecraft, riding through the old west, impersonating Cinderella and Frankenstein - and the book comes to life with this delightful character. Turns out our Babymouse is a great role model for girls.
Aww, shucks.
Reading through these books you can imagine that there was a pitch meeting where Babymouse was presented as Captain Underpants for girls.
Geez. I wish we had thought of that. We might have sold the book to a publisher a lot faster.

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Amy Kraft said...

Matthew - glad you saw and like my Media Macaroni post. The books are terrific, and I was so happy to see the merchandising news in Kidscreen today. Congrats! When can we expect Babymouse TV? Could it be far behind?