Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stuff I Like: Primitive Cartoons (Part 1)

I'm sure some cartoonists might find the label "primitive" insulting, but I mean no disrespect. How about "outsider art" instead? (Yes, it's true. I wrote about many museum exhibitions at the American Folk Art Museum during my tenure at Country Living Magazine. I know the lingo. Of course "outsider art" usually means "created by semi-homeless 85-year-old crazy person who lives in a tin shack in the bayou and fills every square inch of free space on a painting with insane pseudo-religious rantings that look like they came off of a Dr. Bronner's soap label." So maybe you do want "primitive" instead.)

At any rate, I like cartoons that look like they were either scribbled on the back of a napkin or drawn by a five-year old, but are still funny. That last part's important. Otherwise you end up with stuff like Home Movies. Oog. That animation's a headache without any funny.

Today's primitive feature: Kate Beaton's comics. She does lots of historical strips:

... and also funny autobiographical ones:

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