Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Scripps Howard: 'Babymouse' a superhero kids can identify with

Jenni gave a talk at the Children's Book Guild of Washington, D.C., last week, and one Karen MacPherson was in attendance. She wrote up a little piece for Scripps Howard News Service entitled, "'Babymouse' a superhero kids can identify with":

As the only girl in a household of boys, Jennifer Holm grew up learning how to spit, climb trees and play kickball.

Like her four brothers, she also read lots of comics, especially those starring superheroes like Superman and Batman. But she often wondered why there were no women superheroes except for Wonder Woman.

"I just couldn't identify with her," Holm said. "It might have been her bustier (a type of push-up bra top) -- or maybe it was the go-go boots."

I think it's cute that she has to identify what a "bustier" is for readers.

Oh, Madonna, where have you gone??

UPDATE: This story also made it to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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