Thursday, June 5, 2008

Better TLA than never

I just finally found illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka's blog, thanks to the Fuse #8 blogroll. Jarrett is a smart lad who takes pictures at events. I don't. So I immediately went to Jarrett's Web site right after the Texas Library Assn. conference, of course, to find the pics ... but I was either too tired or too slow-witted to find the link to his blog.

At any rate, Jarrett took photos of our TLA hijinks.

(I'm the tall skinny one on the left, as you can tell if you click and zoom in on the name tag.)

Matt and I are going to retire from illustrating and start our own cruise ship for librarians where we entertain as lounge singers. Who's in?
By the way, I'm TOTALLY behind the whole children's-librarian-cruise-ship idea. If they can have Star Trek vacation cruises, I'm sure we can get a kidlit cruise together. (I have an excellent singing voice for our lounge act, by the way.) I think we'd have to do the Alaska route and avoid international waters, though—I remember how lean attendance at the Toronto 2007 IRA conference was, thanks in great part to the fact that many school districts are not allowed to spend money sending their faculty to conferences outside the USA. (U.S. Virgin Islands? Hawaii?)

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