Friday, May 23, 2008

Comics! Sensibly! And blogs written by robots!

OK, I know you're not supposed to feed these people, but I came across the most hilarious robot-generated blog. (It features some incomprehensible text about Babymouse, so it showed up in my Google News Alerts.) Here are some choice bits from the post, titled "Comics! Sensibly!":

Jxifrasierramona’s Weblog

Comics! Sensibly!

May 23, 2008 at 9:31 am (dvds, metaverse general, professor david healy)

Tags: dvds, metaverse general, professor david healy

Yours truly bet on that, if ever by use of a duple time, my enunciated obligation this night was librarianship and comics, and I’ve to some extent gotten forthwith out of that latter division. Again! Nowadays! A acquaint anywise comics! Ja-positively!

Subliminal self postulate it’s at best an make a date in contemplation of my display incise. I’m although laboring in hand the Bear the palm American trade edition, which is unhurried going—this year’s guest bibliothecary seemed versus take in better frothy, prettier stories, how opponent in order to the and so stimulative, fun, drawing-driven stories as for envoi year’s ana. This year’s back number is true-spirited, don’t net receipts them wrong—albeit it’s pandemic a type longer toward out-herod Herod otherwise I’d anticipated. Air lock the meantime, nevertheless, I’ve been RF echoes comics.

There are dualistic carte within the Babymouse diastole that Me hadn’t practice yet—Calm Hash mark! and Heartbreaker. I’m not righto truly what Spiritual being heap domination in regard to these that Yourselves haven’t spoken before—Babymouse is dear, and the logbook are a lavishness respecting disport. These distich are nothing doing exceptions. Jennifer and Matthew Holm nail all bets off a master accomplished fact toward this number. Idolatry!

(For lagniappe lionizing so that Jennifer Holm, whose last erotic novel, G-note Off Utmost, is a Newbery Assignation sign up as things go 2007. This is female being maintainer Newbery Honor—you great went on Our At the least May Amelia near 2002, which was historically considerably big-time up Two bits, entry my conclusion.)


It sort of has the feel of a Fuse #8 post that was translated to another language, translated back to English, and then junked up with 50-cent words. I assume there's some spamming purpose to it, except that there seem to be no links leading off of the page anywhere else.

Our fascinating modern world.

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Unknown said...

That's hilarious! I'm determined to use "Calm hash mark!" in a conversation today.