Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SCBWI Postgame & Babymouse/Kids' comics in the news

Ugh. Flew back East to visit family and participate in a MD/DE/WV SCBWI event at McDaniel College, in Maryland, and instead spent three days in my sister's guest room sick as a dog with an absurd fever. I got through my presentation at the SCBWI conference, but only just barely. As organizer Mona Kerby wrote my sister afterward:

I wondered why he came back early from lunch and then sat quietly with his hat on. Now, I realize that he was doing his presentation on adrenaline.
Unfortunately, Jenni had to drive me home, so we missed the panel discussion. Sorry, folks! If any of you do happen to read this, feel free to send me any questions you were holding.

In brighter news, Babymouse picked up two mentions in the comic blogosphere.

At Journalista:

[Publishing] Paul Gravett looks at the growing market for children’s comics. (Above: our young heroine hasn’t had good luck with pets. Sequence from the latest volume in the Holm’s popular Babymouse series, Puppy Love, © Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm.)

And briefly at the above mentioned paulgravett.com, which covers the always-mysterious (to me, anyway) subject of comics consumption in the UK. Why aren't those hooligans reading more comics (like young hooligans in every other country in the world)?

PS—I don't know why, but I love drawing startled fish.

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