Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Oregonian reviews Babymouse: Puppy Love

In an article entitled "On crayons and pets: two treasures for kids," Helen Babbitt reviews Babymouse: Puppy Love for my city's paper, The Oregonian:

Make room, Clifford and Snoopy, for "Babymouse: Puppy Love," a pink, white and black valentine of a book written and illustrated by sister-and-brother team Matthew Holm of Portland and Jennifer L. Holm. The eighth book in the Babymouse series of graphic novels for beginning readers, "Puppy Love" opens with Babymouse being told that she may not have a puppy. Babymouse tries other pets, all of which escape from their cages. Finally, a lost puppy appears, and Mom caves in.

". . . [H]e's your dog until his owner shows up. You have to feed him and you have to walk him. He's your responsibility, Babymouse. Got it?" Mom's words go in one ear and out the other as Babymouse answers, "Sure!" Babymouse learns the difficulties associated with training a puppy while the narrator calmly notes, "Dogs do like to chew, Babymouse."

The graphic presentation is appropriate for all ages and reading levels. Reluctant beginning readers especially can access the text and appreciate content that is funny and smart without being mean. Sized for little hands, this book, like Babymouse, is small and has a big heart.

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