Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Babymouse Hearts Captain Underpants" party at NYPL

Via Fuse, I see that the Jefferson Market branch of the NYPL is hosting a "Babymouse Hearts Captain Underpants" Valentine's Day party today at 3:30pm. As Betsy reports:

Here's how Kiera, who co-created this with Jolie, describes the day:

"We're doing the Toilet Toss and Underwear Decorating as well as a Felicia Furrypaws KnockDown Game, and a Make-Your-Own-Mouse-Ears craft. We'll be serving cupcakes in neon green (slime) and hot pink frosting. It should be a blast!"

I'm dying to see that FF knockdown game.


Unknown said...

Hi Matt!
We had an awesome time doing the Babymouse <3 Captain Underpants Party. Here's a link to some of the pictures: There's one good one of the Felicia Furrypaws Knockdown game. The idea was to knock her down without knocking down Babymouse and her friends. It was probably the most popular game we had!
My favorite moment was when we were putting up a display for the party. It was a big banner that featured Babymouse on one side looking over at Captain Underpants. In between them was a giant red sparkly heart. A little boy about 8 years old came up to me, and asked ever-so-seriously, "Is that true?? Does Babymouse really love Captain Underpants?"
I'm not sure if it was the idea of Captain Underpants having a possible girlfriend (ewww) or the idea of Babymouse so seriously lowering her standards to crush on a guy who wears just his underroos and a cape, but this little boy was very concerned.
Despite the yuck factor, he wound up coming to the party and having a fantastic time.
Thank you so much for creating such a fun and memorable character- now I'll have to start planning for next year!
-Kiera Manikoff, NYPL

Nina said...

We are going to do a Dav Pilkey program in the fall at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Could you send me some details of your Felicia Furrypaws Knockdown Game. My work email is