Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wordstock post-game

Wordstock this past weekend was excellent. We had a very nice crowd of young'ns at the Target Children's Stage (though overall attendance didn't seem huge; I fear it was because it was sunny, not rainy). J. Otto Seibold was my co-presenter, and he is charmingly insane. He let us all in on the fact that many of his illustrations have hidden (often gross) details. I noted how much his illustrations of Olive, the Other Reindeer looks like an octopus when it starts out. And he set forth a bold claim: He is the very first person to illustrate a book entirely with computer. Can anyone disprove it? I think he's got something there.

I met many comicky types, too, many of whom are neighbors. Like Shannon Wheeler of Too Much Coffee Man fame, and the folks at TinyMeat, who make slick pop-culture wallets and iPod cases and such. (And I picked up the Buffy Season 8 graphic novel and the The Trial of Colonel Sweeto from a local comics shop's booth. Both are excellent.)

Also there were some folks from Fantagraphics who had every artist they came across draw a picture of Yoda in their sketchbook. (Mine dealt with Yoda's bad posture and obvious osteoporosis. Poor guy.) I hope they're able to publish it someday, but I imagine it was just for their amusement.

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Mike Baehr said...

Hi Matt - That was me with the Yodas. That sketchbook's just a personal project... besides, I doubt ol' Uncle George would let us publish it anyway. Thanks for contributing!