Friday, November 16, 2007

More from Mac McCool on Children's Graphic Novel Day

Mac McCool posted more about the roundtable discussion at the Children's Graphic Novel Day:

Part 2 - On the best format and avenues for submissions:
Writers face the added challenge of selling a graphic novel proposal to publishers without visuals to support it. Douglass Barre stressed that writers approaching comic book superhero publishers like Marvel and DC have little chances of having a proposal accepted with a manuscript alone, and so they should find an artist to draw sample pages. Comic artist Tommy Kovac suggested starting your publishing career with smaller publishers to prove your abilities. Agent Kelly Sonnack recognized that with children's book publishers, no submission standards or protocol presently existed for graphic novels. Kazu Kibuishi said that many artists are struggling to finish their graphic novels, so shopping a completed graphic novel not only proves you have the required discipline, but also makes it easier for editors to take or reject your project (since they are still new to editing graphic novels).
Even though the field is wide open, and publishers are hungry for graphic novels, I still get the sense that they don't quite know what to do with them. I'm still quite curious to see what becomes "standard operating procedure" for graphic novels at children's book publishers: A writer-illustrator team coming in with a concept, a solo writer/illustrator pitching her own work, a writer coming in and asking to be hooked up with an illustrator, or something else.

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