Wednesday, November 14, 2007

International Reading Assn. Southwest Regional Conference: I am there

Or rather, I'll be there soon enough. I'm currently at PDX, using the airport's excellent free wifi service (unlike miserly Albany, NY—my old home port—which makes you pay for wifi).

One question (which I'm sure will be answered many times over by the end of the day Friday): Why is the IRA's Southwest Regional Conference being held in Little Rock, Ark.? When did Arkansas become the Southwest?

Come out and see us! I'll be hanging out with the great folks from Perma-Bound. They take our books, slice the paperback covers off, and re-bind them so that they are indestructible. It's a fascinating notion, and something you, as a kid, never thought of—where did all those weirdly-bound hardcover library books come from? I also found it interesting that it's actually easier for them to cut the covers off of fully bound books than it is to get unbound pages straight from the presses and bind them up.

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