Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ich habe Bücher!

I just received copies of the German translations of Babymouse: Queen of the World and Babymouse: Our Hero. Wunderbar!

Some treats:

  • Felicia Furrypaws is "Patricia Pelzpfote"
  • Wilson is still "Wilson das Wiesel"
  • Squeak is "Quiek"
  • Dodgeball is "Völkerball"
  • Locker is "Schliessfach"
  • "Ulp!" is translated as "Würg!"
  • "Gulp!" is "Schluck!"
  • Zooming dodgeballs make the sound, "Zisch!"
  • Dodgeballs that hit their targets (i.e., Babymouse's face) go, "Peng!"

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