Sunday, September 30, 2007

Manga rankings

I'm not entirely sure what this post actually means in the scheme of things, but the upshot is that someone out there thinks that Babymouse: Skater Girl is ranked at about 60 in the top 100 Manga titles. Read the link for the explanation. It's complicated. But, yay! Someone thinks we're doing well.

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Matt said...

Viewing the commentary is a roundabout way to get to the rankings: a click to the top 100 manga volumes is better. As to what it means?

In this case, that #7 came up in a search for "manga" on one of the online sales sites (I think it turned up as 23rd on Amazon -- for manga, that is, not overall) and in doing so, scored well enough by my esoteric formula to make the Top 100.

I run the list each week; see you (and your work) next Sunday?
--Matt Blind