Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Babymouse: Regina del Mondo!

Sì! Babymouse has gone to Italy!

(The subtitle they added says "I want a world that's all pink...")

Our paisanos at Salani Editore put out a first-class translation of Babymouse: Queen of the World. The book, which has a sturdy library binding and retails for 10 euros, is great fun to read aloud in an Italian accent. (If only my mother's family had spoken more Italian around her, I might have a prayer of being able to read it properly.) It's nice to know some things withstand translation, such as "Tipico!" and "Stupidi baffi!"

Some things that did change:
  • An alarm clock in Italy doesn't go, "Riiinnng!" It goes, "Driiiin!"
  • A bus pulling away doesn't go "Vrooom!" It goes, "Brumm!"
  • Babymouse's little brother, "Squeak," becomes "Squik"
  • "Felicia Furrypaws" becomes "Felizia Zampotti!"
  • and "Wilson the Weasel" becomes "Donny Donnola"

It's great fun to see. And there's only one thing left to say:

Mmm... Tortine.

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Jill said...

Che bello! Babymouse in italiano! I have to get me one of those. :-)