Friday, August 31, 2007

Babymouse: Königin der Welt!

Ja, Babymouse has made the leap to Germany, as well!

I haven't seen a real live copy of the book, yet, just the promotional materials. But I can see already that reading the German version aloud is going to be as much fun as reading the Italian version:

The books are put out by the fabulous Bloomsbury and translated by the German children's author Zoran Drvenkar, whose quote on the promotional sheet translates roughly as:

Each Babymouse story is like an enormous chocolate box, in which, aside from the chocolates, are also found film clips and literature quotations. Great fun—without any toothache!

The German versions of Babymouse: Queen of the World (Babymouse: Königin der Welt!) and Babymouse: Our Hero (Babymouse: Unsere Heldin) are available via

LATE ADDITION (9/19/07): I was just checking up on the German Amazon page (I couldn't remember if the book was out yet, or not) and did a quick Babelfish translation. Apparently, Babelfish thinks that my name translates as "Matthew cross-beam."

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